Is Bars for Me?

"It literally felt like everything around me was just air...I hadn't felt that lightness of being since I was a little kid.

~Bret, U.S.A.

"It's so much easier, so much lights [after a session].

~Christian, Austia

It can chage your relationship to your body, your relationship with money...

~Ladica, Sween


"It changed My World"

"Just feeling so different after"

"One of the best meditations I've ever had"

"There was so much ease in my body"

"More of that...more of that"

"There was more joy. There was more peace."

~Za Harricharan

"As soon as I get cranky or have a headache I go get my bars run and it's like this magic wand."

~Justine McKell

"There was no thoughts in my head... that was something I was trying to work on"

~Karlina va der Weii

"My eyes, I could like see things clearer"

"There was nothing in my mind, I wasn't thinking anything, I wasn't planning anything, I was just being in the moment"

"For weeks later I had this sense of tingling joy"

"My whole life changed"

"The Bars creates more space in my life"

"It was one of the most amazing experiences in my life"

"There was just like calmness"

"Your feel so expanded and relaxed and totally in communion with your body"

"I had no ideas what this was, I just know I REALLY liked it"

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