Book Your Session!

I currently offer two locations to book sessions at.

Booking for both locations is done through Holistic Health & Healing's scheduling platform and you will be re-directed from this website.

Holistic Health & Healing

See yourself drifting away here?

  • Single table session room

  • Located in a professional center

  • Relaxing environment

  • Space is shared, availability may be limited

  • Additional $10 help to cover room rental

Home Office

The Legendary Chaise du Canapé!

  • Larger space

  • Located in residential neighborhood

  • Relaxing environment

  • Space is not shared, greater availability

  • Access to the Legendary "Chaise du Canapé" aka The Bars Couch!

Or give us a call or text at:

(440) 465-0508

Or E-mail us at:

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